An indistinguishable antique elevator

For a castle renovation project in Belgium, XEL has been contracted for the implementation of an authentic-look antique elevator which is to be designed in full accordance with the castle’s style.

Visually, the elevator will be designed to serve the implementation of handcrafted blacksmith steel, wood works and authentic attributes to ensure the authentic character of the elevator.

In close collaboration with the skilled team of antique specialists selected for the project, all visual design details of the system will be developed and implemented into XEL’s 3D models. After this, the engineers can start adapting the construction and general technical design of the system accordingly.

From a technical perspective, the system will be designed in accordance with the newest safety standards and regulations. This means the system’s drive and safety systems are completely modern, of which visible parts are either hidden behind antique cladding or otherwise even executed in an antique style.

Combining these visual and technical requirements, XEL’s  project team will invest all available knowledge and expertise to ensure no requirements remains unanswered.

Together with our project partners, we look forward to the realization of this unique project.

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