At XEL, we are excited to announce the progress of our luxury, bronze round elevator project in southern Florida, USA.

Following the finalization of the engineering works required to develop this panoramic elevator, we have launched the system’s main interface components (being the self-supporting main shaft construction) into production.

Upon completion of the main shaft’s production and assembly works, the construction was shipped to Florida (US) for the first installation phase of the project. The latter has now been finished, marking a major milestone for this unique project.

On-site, a skilled team of XEL mechanics has successfully and seamlessly installed the main shaft construction of the elevator.

It is standard practice for us to install the interface parts of an elevator already at an early stage of the on-site construction works, as this allows the contractors to finalize all works in the elevator shaft area, and because all remaining “delicate” elevator components can be manufactured with optimal precision.

The elevator’s remaining production works are currently in progress, as part of which the manufacturing processes of the unique remote drive solution, the elevator’s hidden machinery, the handcrafted bronze cladding and curved glass panels are being processed.