The Dutch company of TBV Marine Systems, part of High-tech-Solutions & Design B.V., specialized in custom-made technical solutions for the maritime industry, has recently developed an innovative Wave Measurement System (WMS) 3000-HS.

This WMS 3000-HS measurement system is specially developed to be used supporting a Fast Response Craft (FRC) Launch and Recovery System (LARS). This LARS system is developed by TBV Marine Systems, in collaboration with Global Davit GmbH, and is used by coast guarding and other naval vessels to quickly and safely launch and recover FRCs longer than ten meters weighing over eight tons. With the innovative LARS system, these procedures can be executed with the bigger FRCs in a sea state up to SS4, which is comparable to a five Beaufort wind speed and waves up to 2.25 meters.

As the LARS system is often used by vessels operating in open seas and can be used in the heavier sea states. Therefore, in order for this system to function well and safely, an accurate measurement of the waves is of great importance.

The WMS 3000-HS is positioned on the outer stern door and is mounted on a special movable measurement bracket which can be operated by the control panel of the LARS. Additionally, the system uses a combination of monitors and indication lights. The monitor provides information on the height of the waves, and the heading and speed of the mother vessel. The indication lights are used to inform the FRC crew with the moment at which it is safe to enter the FRC and when the launching or recovering procedure can set into action.

Furthermore, due to the easy and convenient handling of the measurement system, and the clear monitoring and indication features of the system, launching and recovering procedures can be executed safely, even in the most hectic situations.

This new development, is presented on the Europort Rotterdam, in the Krohne  stand 2408 in hall 2. Please find additional information and a selection of pictures regarding this system in the application report attached to this message.


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