Following the exensive technical development and production of the outboard elevator project, TBV’s engineers have finalized the factory testing of the outboard (passenger-) lifting system.

Following this milestone, TBV has demonstrated the solution for the lifting of persons from an elevator room inside the vessel to the outboard ice or the pier (horizontal and vertical movement), to parties with interest in this newly developed technology.

With the demonstration of the system, all unique inventions that have especially been developed for the outboard lifting system were presented, along with the other application possibilities of the system apart from the movement of persons.

A quick overview of the inventions implemented into the outboard elevator are:

  • Roll and pitch (heel and trim) compensation for (heavy) outboard vertical lifting;
  • Synchronized double-beam system for the horizontal movement;
  • Guiding frames for synchronized and guided vertical movement;
  • Complete system is operational in -/- 40°C environments;
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) developed for arctic environments;
  • Redundant Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU);
  • Redundant composition of winches for vertical lifting.

With this development, TBV has once again proven its unique capabilities in the development of specialized marine equipment.