Contract awarded to TBV

TBV Marine Systems has recently been contracted for the design of a stern ramp daughter boat launch and recovery system (type LARS 1200 SD), which will be installed on board of catamaran-type coast guard vessels.

In close collaboration with the client, TBV will finalzie its design within the short timeline provided by the project.

Project's technical features

Adapting to the project’s specific requirements in terms of available space, slipway configuration and overall functionality requirements, TBV’s team has implemented its patented LARS system in combination with a pivoting stern door solution.

This hydraulically operated stern door serves to extent the vessel’s slipway, and to pivot the LARS’ frames to their operating position (below waterline), where they can safely catch and release the daughter craft.

With this system configuration, the LARS can operate safely and effectively, in rough sea conditions.

Therefore, included in TBV’s design scope are:

LARS' telescopic frame construction
Pivoting stern door
Interfaces and coamings
Hydraulic and electric systems