For a new build superyacht, TBV Marine Systems has designed and build a new concept for inclined wheelchair elevators. To meet the high level requirements on yachts, not only the design of the Stainless Steel platform was re-designed but also a complete new design was made for the elevator rail.

The rail system, including drive mechanism, electrical components etc. is developed to a “complete invisible mounting”. All combinations of bends are integrated in this development. Seen in upward direction: first part is a inclined part without horizontal bends. Second part is, directly after the first stop, a horizontal part without a horizontal bend. Third part is an inclined part with slow bend to the left. At the end of this part is the second stop. At this position the platform can be prepared for parking (in fold position). After folding the fourth track will have a very short radius horizontal bend to the right. Short after this bend is the parking position. The combination of these bends with different inclined tracks, can only be made by the highest quality of inclined elevator techniques and principles in combination with the sophisticated TBV Marine Systems invisible rail concept.