Ending 2015, HSD Associates has signed the contract making them the official trader of an innovative water treatment product portfolio that is capable of disinfecting water without using any additives.

These HSD-Water products are based on the implementation of electrolysis technology in an innovative way; being that the electrolysis process used by HSD is capable of transforming the naturally present salts (chlorides) into free chlorine. This free chlorine destroys bacteria, viruses, biofilm materials, and further micro-organisms present in the water without requiring any addition to the water.

Therewith, the HSD-Water products are capable of generating a disinfectant and of disinfecting water without any additives, everywhere across the globe; only requiring a small amount of electricity.

With this technology, clean and safe drinking water can be provided in a cheap and convenient way, and various industries can improve their efficiency and the quality of their goods and services.

Further information and details on this product portfolio can be found on the HSD-Water website.