Revamped our website to better serve and express our group's capabilities and projects

At HSD, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly designed website. This brand-new design offers a quick and easy access to essential information. Furthermore, new features have been added to offer a comprehensive understanding of our organization’s actions as well as that of our members.

This new design gives us the opportunity to even more clearly describe the versatile activities gathered in our group of member companies, effectively guiding all visitors towards the member’s website they are looking for. Once landed, the visitor will have all required information available instantly, after which contact can be sought and further information can be exchanged.

Also, we have added a “Vacancies” section to the website, where we share all open career opportunities. With our revamped for an easy and informative read, stay tuned for more exciting news and educational articles in the following weeks.

The new website goes live today, and can be accessed on the same location: