XEL has been contracted for the creation and implementation of an antique elevator for a Belgian castle. Tasked with creating and fitting a truly authentic antique elevator, while meeting the newest safety regulations, we have done the following.

In order to create an authentic antique elevator, we had to strike the right balance between old and new. We have rounded up the secrets and complexities that XEL has implemented to make this project possible – referential and original.

Hidden Technology for an authentic design

Incorporating antique design and modern technology requires designing and adding elements that are decades or centuries apart. XEL’s task is to ensure that the style is kept authentic, while being able to perform modern functionalities and meet current safety standards.

Serving this, XEL implements the following of its innovations into this project:

Traction drive system in old style
Floor indicator from handcrafted brass
Door Lock - Modern door locks, integrated in and behind authentic framing

Handcrafted Blacksmith

Part of an authentic looking elevator design is the attention to details and a hand-crafted touch. To approach the complexity and detail of an elevator that looks older than a complete decade ago, XEL teamed up with its award-winning blacksmith partner.

Together with the specialised blacksmith, whom are famous for their indistinguishable and artistically created blacksmith works. XEL’s elevator is fitted with the following visual design characteristics:

Handmade steelwork decors - setting a historical ambience while keeping quality and authenticity
Hand-carved brass flowers – Decorative carving techniques.
Steel nails – To show true historic construction and authenticity, hand-forged nails and hand-hammered heads are implemented to showcase the wood and steel work of the elevator

In accordance with the latest regulations

Despite being an antique elevator, the latest technology is used to provide the passenger with smooth and safe ride.

XEL has implemented several safety protection devices such as locking doors and XEL’s special inhouse CATCH device to prevent the elevator car from falling. With such applications, XEL assures the safety of the passengers and adherence to the latest elevator regulations.

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