What do we do?

Exclusive technical projects

Where other engineering and production firms stop, HSD Associates goes further.

Being part of the HSD Industry group, our team of engineers and developers focus their efforts and skills on the development of the most unique and state-of-the-art mechanical engineering solutions.

For this, we gather a unique set of skills that allow us to develop unique mechanical engineering solutions for each technical challenge that is presented to us.

Whatever the challenge is, our team is ready to be of service. Our flexibility and skills are at your full disposal.


About us


For each of the projects we work on, customized developments are required. An innovative mindset therefore is the core of our organization.


With the wide range of industries and activities that we serve, flexibility in approaching and managing a project are of key importance.


The foundation of all our endeavours is the outstanding quality in engineering works, production and assembly processes, and the services required afterwards.

Our work

With our team, we perform a wide range of (technical) services for our fellow-members of the HSD Industry Group, as well as directly to contractors and clients.

For each of our projects, a unique approach is selected which allows for both a good fit with the contractor or client and the optimal quality of the final result.

Around the world, we come up with unique solutions to unsolvable problems in situations ranging from luxury villas and comfortable yachts to naval vessels, the offshore sector and industrial plants.

From a lifting system for a helipad and a roofing system with a moving faҫade for a swimming pool to launching systems for tenderboats on superyachts and for mission boats on naval ships, we create and realize a solution to each technical challenge.

Both directly and through subsidiaries within the HSD Industry Group, we work for the following industries:

Superyacht industry
Naval shipbuilding
Architects, designers & contractors
Industrial clients

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HSD Associates creates technical solutions in service of the following business units:

Marine and Superyacht Solutions

Exclusive Elevator Solutions

Residential Solutions

Management & Business/product Development

Water Treatment Solutions

Latest news


Antique Elevator for a Belgian Castle

XEL has been contracted for the creation and implementation of an antique elevator for a Belgian castle.


Case: XEL designs antique elevator for monumental canal house in Amsterdam

XEL has been asked to design an antique style elevator in a monumental mansion on the famous canals of Amsterdam (a so called Grachtenpand).


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